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At the tender age of 19, he managed to raise capital and complete the acquisition of his first investment property, a small townhouse in New Brunswick, which was renovated and sold for a large profit. This changed Mr. Camino’s perception of what could be accomplished in the NJ real estate investment arena. By the time he completed his degree, he also received his real estate license. 

He joined the biggest residential brokerage in NJ and within 3 years became a broker and climbed to the top ranks of production and sales. By the age of 25, he joined forces with Daniel Rivera as a broker team which would eventually become the foundation of ArkadGroup. Within a year, Mario and Daniel left the brokerage world and embarked on their new venture, their first “house flipping company”, NJ Home Remedy, LLC. Success was eminent and highly progressive. Within 2 years, NJHR became one of NJ’s biggest house buying companies and soon thereafter began to acquire subsidiaries. specifically, a management company and a credit repair/loss mitigation company. This was the beginning of Arkad Group Real Estate Corp, which incorporated in the summer of 2007. 

Arkad has purchased over 50,000 sqft of commercial and mixed use real estate including office, medical and warehouse buildings, all with the same underlying strategy. Acquire, renovate and convert the asset to its best use. 
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